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postheadericon Professional Poker Software – Heads Up Displays

There exists a tool for online poker players to view other player’s statistics at the table, this tool is referred to as HUD (heads up display). This tool is indispensable to the skilled professional. Professional online poker players often play several tables at a time, many will play anywhere from four to sixteen tables at once using several monitors. When playing this many tables at once it is virtually impossible to keep track of every opponent’s playing style. So, in a glance you can view who plays how and their stats using a HUD. Let’s look at how it works.

On your hard drive are stored the hand histories for every hand of poker that you play online. By importing these histories into tracking software and compiling them into a database that can be read by a HUD, the stats can be displayed directly onto the table. Poker players can then make fast decisions based on playing styles and weaknesses of their opponents. With a HUD poker players do not have to watch every hand and player closely. Let me tell you how beneficial it is in actual play.

An opponent’s weaknesses can be exploited by watching them closely and learning their style. You can gain a massive advantage over your opponents with a HUD in conjunction with a data-mining software program. Without studying them in real time you can move from table to table and always know how your opponents play. The software does it all for you. Some players may fold the flop 60% of the time, but always check raise the turn. If this is seen on the player’s stats, when they call the flop, then you can often expect a check raise on the turn. This may be the time to save two bets and check behind with a mediocre hand. You would have to watch this player closely for thousands of hands to realize their standard play when they make a big hand, instead a HUD does the watching for you. You will pick up on some players easily when they raise 50% of the time before the flop but you’ll know what you’re playing with before the first hand is dealt with a HUD.

With a HUD your opponents’ hole cards will also be displayed after the hand is over if they go to shutdown. Often players will muck their cards to keep you from seeing them but the data will still be picked up by a HUD. This will help you value bet the river against players who will showdown weak hands by allowing you to know what a player will call a river bet with.

The heads up display should be used by anyone playing poker online. You should play like the pros and use them too.

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postheadericon Datamining Online Poker Tables

Try to imagine you sitting down in a poker game with 9 different and complete strangers and instantly knowing what their game plan is. Imagine that you have knowledge of them equal to really sitting with them for hundreds of hours while carefully studying their moves. This is what the dataminers will let you do. If this program is going to be used alongside with the heads up display and other tracking programs like poker tracker, you can have scores of data from every online poker player flashed right at your computer screen. How does it work then?

The dataminers will operate tables for you whenever you are away from your computer and will take note of every single action that the players at the specific tables make. Your dataminer would be watching at least 20 tables even if you are sleeping. The data recorded is then imported into a special database and other information such as heads up display that are directly displayed on your online poker table. The question now is why is it so important to have data on every online player?

You may play 30 or so hands with a player and think you have them pegged. They haven’t played a hand yet so their super tight right? The answer is maybe. 30 hands is better than 0 hands but what does it really tell you. Maybe that player had a really cold run of cards and just didn’t have anything worth playing. The truth is that the sample size is just too small.

Now if you’ve been datamining all week you may well have a few hundred or a few thousand hands worth of data. This data may tell you that the player in question is not quite as tight as you may have though and is not a good candidate to try to run over. The truth of the matter is that the larger the sample size, the more accurate the date. With datamining you are sure to have a good sample on nearly every poker player you run into online.

Datamining is also very helpful for you if you use a poker table scanner for table selection. Having a lot of information on almost everyone on the poker table, you will definitely benefit in any available poker games online.

The professional poker players have used datamining and surely by this time, they already know a lot about you. Don’t you believe that you should be using the same strategy?

Be advised that not all online poker rooms allow data mining. Make sure to check the terms of service before you engage in any data mining. Failure to comply with a poker rooms terms may result in closure of your poker account.

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