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postheadericon Oh Craps! 3 Craps Tips For The Rest Of Us

Craps can be a somewhat complicated game to play for the first time player. A simple glance at the craps table reveals a plethora of betting options available to the player: a Pass line, a Don’t Pass line, a Come, a Don’t Come. Of all the games available at the casino, craps is undoubtedly the most intimidating at first. But once you understand that every square on the craps board really just signifies different bets with different odds at different times you come to see that appearances can be deceiving and what appears like a convoluted and complicated game is in fact nothing more than a simple calculation of odds.

For first-time craps players, the Pass line is the most important and essential bet to understand. Every craps round has a designated shooter, whose job it is to roll the dice. If you bet on the Pass line, then you’re hoping for the shooter to roll a seven or an 11, which will instantly win you even money. In fact, the Pass line bet has the single lowest house advantage of all the bets available. It set at a little under 1.5 percent, which is in enormous contradistinction to some of the less recommended proposition bets that carry a house edge of as high as 16 to 17%.

Here are three tips for new craps players to become part of the action in no time at all:

Wait for your break

It is senseless joining a craps game in the middle of a round when everyone is eagerly awaiting the shooter’s next role. Rather wait for a break in the action to find the precise moment to place your bets. It is critical that you understand whether the game is in the come out round or in the point round. Remember, craps players are notorious for being the most jittery and certainly the most suspicious. If you’re still feeling your way around game for the first time, rather join a table where there is an absence of too much action, and where the frenzied bets over whether or not seven will imminently be rolled is more subdued.

Don’t touch the shooter… ever

Shooters feel under enough pressure as it is. And although their and your sentiments won’t affect the dice’s outcome in the slightest, it goes without saying that the entire table habr their eyes fixated on the shooter as they await his next role. Don’t badger the shooter, don’t berate him for throwing a number that doesn’t suit you, and certainly don’t try and hold his hand, pat his back or make any other inappropriate physical contact. The roll is what the roll is, and there is precious little you can do to change it.

Despite the pressure, don’t be scared to ask

In spite of the fact that craps moves at anything but a glacial pace, remember that it’s your money that’s been wagered, so if you’re unsure of any particular bet at any particular time, stop the boxman and ask him for clarification.

Oh Craps! 3 Craps Tips For The Rest Of Us