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postheadericon What You Should Do If You Win the Lottery

Almost everybody thinks about winning the lottery. With the astronomical figures that the numbers sometimes go up to, it’s practically impossible not to imagine getting a nine-figure windfall and all the things you could do with it. Even those who seldom play try to get in on the action then. However, actually winning doesn’t mean that you suddenly have a carefree existence, because you actually have to take care of the money if you want it to last long enough to take care of you.

Surprisingly, although it’s not hard to come up with what you would spend your winnings on, few people put a lot of thought into the idea of investing the money. The sad truth is that you can burn through money at a frightening pace if you aren’t careful. To avoid this, you have to be respectful of the situation you find yourself in. Thus, one of the first things you should do is take care of all of your existing financial obligations, including taxes. You shouldn’t even think about spending any of that green until that’s done.

After becoming debt-free (which is a wonderful feeling), you should consider investing. If you’re like a lot of people who come into large sums of money, you’ll probably get the urge to “fire” your boss (i.e., quit). But your job is how you actually earn money. Yes, you have your winnings, but that money needs to be producing income. In other words, you need to invest.

Here’s how we do that: Assume you’re earning $35,000 at the time you win. If you quit your job, your lottery funds need to produce at least that much every year. To replace that income, you might buy a million dollars worth of stock in Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. Pfizer’s dividend yield is 3.6%, so your million-dollar investment will pay you $36,000 annually in dividends. In short, you’ve put your winnings to work for you.

Looking back, with your financial obligations taken care of and some sound investments giving you a nice annual income, you can start having a little fun with your money. You can buy some of those things you’ve been wishing for, or take that exotic vacation you never thought you could afford. You can kick back and enjoy life, but remember to share the wealth with friends and family.

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postheadericon The Lottery Code Revealed

While winning the lotto appears to be similar to a terrific, joyous daydream that most everyone would like to experience, it still would appear to be like it’s simply a daydream. Nevertheless, what if it was truly possible to select winning lottery numbers, would you be excited to finding out if you could?

Even after the first lotto prize was awarded there have been systems that have been developed to beat it. Some were better than others but all have been driven by the instinct and deep-seated understanding that the lotto can be beaten with the correct numerical system.

Although there exists some good methods for increasing your chances of landing a win, such as wheeling lottery numbers, virtually all systems are worse than useless. Inferior lottery tactics can end up costing you more money than they win for you!

It’s feasible, however, to get one or two formulas that do result in very good outcomes and a lot of winning tickets! As I have already written about wheeling numbers is one of the safest ways to make sure you get a return on your lottery ticket financial outlay. Nonetheless, to be truly efficient this kind of lotto technique must be utilized by a syndication as the award for playing each lottery draw is increased due to the need to buy more tickets!

The simple fact that maths can be utilized to win the lotto makes it unsurprising when you find out that a mathematics professor has won the coveted draw three times in straight succession and 5 times altogether.

Almost all society will agree that if someone was going to break the lotto code it had to be a mathematician. So Larry Blair, being a mathematics professor in Oklahoma, meets the criteria but how formidable is his plan?

Believe it or not Mr. Blair has exploited his lotto approach to win five times. 3 of his wins were directly after each other.

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postheadericon The Method That one Man Utilized To Beat The Lotto 5 Times

Winning the lotto would surely be a life-altering event for virtually everyone. You should face it not having to worry about finances ever again would be like a daydream materialised. Nevertheless Having said that, that is exactly what it would appear to be – merely a daydream. But, what if it is not? Imagine if you won the lottery using a few uncomplicated maths.

After its creation the lottery has produced the passion the win it. Winning the lottery would appear to be the quickest way to wealth, in fact the only way to riches, for a vast majority of people. So it’s not surprising that a great many systems have been devised to beat the lottery.

With so many lottery methods being devised one might be misguided for thinking that a winning technique would have been designed well before nowadays. Yet, until recently the best technique for winning on the lottery was wheeling numbers.

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Whilst most all lotto systems are worth nothing there have been 1 or two devised that are competent enough to produce material, palpable outcomes.

As written about before wheeling numbers is a great approach to dramatically expand your chances of winning a prize on the lotto. But since wheeling leads to more number lines you must buy more lotto entries to use it. This means more money must be invested and for that reason wheeling only actually becomes effective when the larger resources of a syndicate can be employed.

The great thing about wheeling systems is that they present to everyone that the lottery is not simply about pure fortune and that it can be won.

You will most likely be unsurprised to learn then that one fellow who manipulates numbers in his career has won the lotto a mind-blowing five times.

Having a mathematical expert win the draw so many times may seem like a true possibility when we understand that mathematics can circumvent the lotto but how formidable is this math geniuses lotto system?

Believe it or not Larry has utilised his lotto technique to win a record 5 times. Three of his wins were straight after each other.

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postheadericon Score With This Incredible Lottery Software

I could not think that the town’s shy and unassuming mathematics junior high school teacher, Fred Smith would one day be a renowned individual of sorts. I did not even think that he could be a wealthy individual. Fred became a rich celebrity and along with that he was a kidnap victim a few months ago. But then I’m going too fast for you.

Let me tell Fred’s fascinating tale. It has been over two decades now since my acquaintance Fred engaged in the lottery. Through all these years he has he has not scored a thing in the lottery draws. What I mean is not one cent more than a hundred dollars. In seventeen years, Fred hit forty dollars twice and another eighty five dollar triple numbers selection. But then a few years ago, Fred started his astonishing winning run. He now has an unbelievable nine lottery wins.

For twenty years, Fred was tirelessly conducting scientific research on the lottery draws. He was trying to discover the algorithms that govern the lottery draws. He was investing the $100 every week buying lottery tickets for his research. In the over twenty years of playing the lottery, Fred has spent a fairly large sum of cash but that investment he has regained.

Fred Smith is now the undisputed lottery software king. These past three years, Fred has scored over five and a half million dollars. Fred has also made seventy eight other lottery winners with the aid of his lottery software and many of those were multiple winners. Fred revealed that his lottery software has been the cause for accrued winnings of eighteen million dollars to date and is increasing every week.

His lottery software is sold to the public on Fred’s own on line company. The lottery software has proven to be practical by the many testimonies of its buyers. The lottery software has been in the market for nearly two and a half years now.

Now, this I have to add. Three months ago, Fred was snatched from his newly built mansion just outside of town. The kidnappers seem to be members of a religious group who accepts as true that money is the source of all evil. Fred was abducted from his house into a mountain cabin and held for three days. They asked Fred to stop selling his lottery computer program because people were profiting from it. Well, they did free Fred only after he promised that he would stop selling. Last month, after the abductors were apprehended and taken to prison, Fred began selling his lottery computer program again. These past three weeks alone, the lottery software enabled three people to win over a million dollars.

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postheadericon Cheating Ways

There is someone who defied the odds, however, even if it wasn’t exactly the way you might expect.

Patricia Manzitto of New York purchased a couple of Blue Moon Bucks scratch cards from a vending machine in her hometown. According to her claims, the machine spit out one of the ticket bottoms unattached to the top – so, naturally, she decided it was worth taping it together when she realized that the damaged ticket was a winner. The prize was worth $25,000 dollars.

Manzitto was over the moon. “”Both of us (she and her husband) are screaming and jumping up and down.” In fact, she was so excited that she spent almost half of the $25,000 before she even received it or validated her ticket to lottery officials, purchasing $700 worth of lottery tickets, a new car, and giving out cash gifts to her grandchildren.

Imagine her disappointment, then, when the claims office rejected her ticket, saying that it was a fraud and couldn’t be counted as valid. Upon examining, they said that the designs on the ticket halves didn’t even match up properly. Nonetheless, Manzitto was determined to battle anyone who would listen to her that it was an honest, real ticket.

As luck would have it, Manzitto would be righted in the end – whether her story was true or not. In October of 2011, her will to win the lottery paid off, and she won $3 million from another New York scratch card game. This time, the win was legitimate. You have to wonder how the lottery claim office felt seeing her again.

Nobody really likes a cheater, but is it really cheating? Did she alter two tickets, or was it just one ticket? Some people are certain it is cheating, and others are a little more flexible and say it is not.

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