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postheadericon Why Cherry Red Casino Is The Best Casino Online

Cherry Red Casino is finally opened, after so much hype and anticipation, it has not disappointed. Reviewers, industry insiders and regular online gamblers have all given the site a thumps up thanks to the incorporated bright lights and special effects. Cherry Red transports it’s visitors straight to Vegas.

Cherry Red is owned by Rushpod Investments NV who operate from Curacao; the site is open to all adults who have access to the internet and a PC. Cherry Red is about convenience and flexibility, it does this by bring the gambling to you in your own home. Regardless of which part of the world you come from, any payments made or monies deposited are converted into dollars so there is no misunderstanding.

The Real time Gaming (RTG) platform used by Cherry Red has a lot of graphics and flexibility. It also allows customers download their favorite games onto their computers or play it instantly online. The online casino has a great atmosphere that gamers will love.

If you are new to the internet or online gambling don’t worry, Cherry Red has demonstration games where you play with fake money. This allows you to become familiar with the rules and the games before you start playing with your own money.

Being one of the latest casinos on the block, Cherry Red has both the latest and some of the old school favorites for all types of gamers. The casino stocks over a hundred video games, jackpots, roulette and slots to mention a few, customers are spoilt for choice.

Aside from the games, Cherry Red has great bonuses that attract a lot of gamers; they offer to match the first nine deposits of new customers under eight hundred dollars. But loyal repeat gamers are not forgotten, there are handsome packages available for them.

At Cherry Red, existing customers are taken care of as well, it also offers special video poker, blackjack and slots bonuses as well as a weekly and weekend bonus structure. All it takes to qualify for these offers is to make a minimum deposit of $30 and to play with your deposit as well as any bonus given at least 15 times before making any withdrawals.

When it comes to making deposits, no one makes it easier than Cherry Red for customers to make deposits, the casino offers many payment options, traditional options such as card payments and nontraditional such as money transfers to customers. These options are in place to offer the customers convenience; this also applies when it comes to withdrawals, they have a 98.46% payout rate.

Cherry Red offers its customers the perfect atmosphere for gaming. The flexibility and convenience it offers its customers is second to none; the ease with which customers have control over their payments, deposits and withdrawals have gamblers from all over flocking to the site.

Better still whenever customers run into any difficulty whiles on site, there is a 24hr customer service who are available to help them. They can be reached by phone, email and virtual assistance. If you enjoy gambling, there’s no better online to try than Cherry Red Casino.

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postheadericon LVS And MGM Mirage Quaking As Calida Gaming Decide to purchase Station Casinos

It is Friday and that can mean this is the moment when all fellow human beings should be in fantastic humor, we really like to document and give our opinion on all the occurrences in the gambling and casino scene and the Calida team get out of bed almost every day with all the anticipations of a young boy or girl on Christmas morning, but this morning well we were stumped.

Without a doubt nothing has gone on, well nothing worth talking about anyway, yes we could very well have divulged to you that Steve Wynn has opened up his new casino in Macau but by now that report will be recorded so often the peasant farmers in the backwaters of North Korea recognize that he may perhaps transfer his head office there. Perhaps even my mum has discovered this piece of information at this point.

As a result there our team were relaxing round with our coffee and deliberating what to do now, should we clean the office? That thought did not obtain a good reaction so what now? Well we made the decision that we should allow ourselves to drift back to our younger years, it is Friday remember.

As youngsters the earth is really a much happier place and it is happier merely because we still have that terrific resource, our imagination, we can still charm ourselves while using proverbial cardboard box only to a child the box has grown to be a Camel plodding through the desert. So where is our imagination bringing us? Well we came to the conclusion that as an alternative for cleaning the office we really should instead make our precedence worldwide casino domination.

Very similar to the rogue from any James Bond film we have got a plan but we decided to omit all the bad behaviour from it, well the majority of it anyway. Here we go, brew yourself a steaming mug of coffee and bear in mind that a little childhood imagination is recommended and also it’s Friday so remember to smile.

Calida Gaming are taking over the world of casinos and gambling but to achieve this we will require a casino. This isn’t a drawback as the Station casinos are being sold and with the existing biggest tender being a simple $772 million from the Fertitta family we could put that together not a problem. So our company is now involved in the casino industry how hard could it be?

We did ponder plotting to take over for Las Vegas Sands or the MGM Mirage CityCenter but concluded as we don’t always like to clean the office we now have those corporations would be a tad on the whopping size, never mind though you may already know what they say about size not mattering.

Day two and we are standing in our casino keeping an eye on all our punters and all feels ok but we are progressive thinkers here and just being another casino owner just isn’t nearly acceptable so we sit down and prepare some more, we figure out that we should have a visitor over for a dinner party so we invite Congressman Barney Frank ( yes we know we made him a Senator yesterday but he is now returning to a Congressman) he happily takes up our invite and hightails it over.

We like to entertain, particularly as we have become casino owners and having seen all the episodes of the Las Vegas television show think we are quite well experienced now but we have an ulterior goal here and sly like our Bond villain we move in for the kill.

So Mr Frank, when will your bill to legalize online gambling in America destined to be passed? We ask, smelling a rat Mr Frank puts down his plate of shrimp and eyes us up for a second, obviously deciding our strategy for casino world domination is a wonderful one he informs us that a week next Thursday should do it.

Perfect we’ll be first and foremost to launch. We do however still need to have an internet site but that’s fine as Dave the valet has two young sons who he swears never get away from the land of Facebook and Twitter so they should be able to make one for us by the morning, after all they have a spotty complexion and send text messages in a language no grown up can figure out.

Sure enough the following morning our fresh new website and Casino Bonus is ready to go “dominate the casino” but we have 10 days before we’re able to acquire any casino business online, that’s ok as we still will have to resolve one or two go live problems.

First on the list is to get a payment processor who is capable enough to take all our gazillions in deposits, taking over the casino world isn’t as straightforward as we imagined. We do what any well qualified CEO would do in this predicament and google casino payment processor. Now we have identified one and he sounds like a mastermind of online casino payments.

Daniel Tzvetkoff has started a company called Intabill and by all accounts he must be very good, he has some $84 million dollars to his name after just a few of years, yes this casino world domination is destined to be lucrative. Just as we are stretching for the phone to ask Mr Tzvetkoff if he could possibly be so pleasant as to process our day-to-day gazillion revenue our recently hired “Head of All Things Technological” (remember the spotty teenagers) discovers how to work with google in the right way and learns that Mr Tzvetkoff has in fact just a while back been busted for processing some $600 million in highly suspicious casino payments, hmm we determine that it’s most likely not an appropriate time to contact him after all, it has been rumored that he is on some kind of road trip with his father.

We therefore go with our second choice and decide upon Bank Of America. When we advise them that we expect a gazillion dollars on the first day they jump for joy, not since sub prime mortgages has there been such amazing profits. They are that fascinated in fact that they phone us back thirty minutes later and ask if we would like to borrow a couple of hundred million just to make sure that we will send them a gazillion dollars a day.

It’s fairly simple this world domination lark, we’ve got our Las Vegas casino which is now noticeably busier than MGM or Las Vegas Sands because we devoted all that time looking at Las Vegas on television so we are at this moment far better than anyone else.We have our internet site and we are the only guys who know that Barney Frank will have his bill passed on Thursday because we were the only one to have him over for shrimp.

It’s now Tuesday and we only have a few days left. Our new office cleaning lady, we can easily afford to not do it ourselves now, asks if we have organized a movie star for our launch, absolutely we have we say, do you think we are idiots? She departs and we get going on the job of getting hold of a celeb and fast.

We have to have somebody to sign up fast, people often like to take their time and we are in a rush, who can we get that will be eager? Firstly we ponder of the cast from Las Vegas but decide that as they know so much they may possibly launch a takeover when the meet us so we come to agreement on on Tiger Woods.

Everyone trust’s Tiger and his face will not generate us any controversy by any means. Deal done and for only half of our daily gazillion dollars he is on-board.

Launch Day.

We actually remember to arise early to plug the new server thing in, wait a little bit and there it is our all new Online Casino. Will anybody come and have a look? Undoubtedly as we are the only licensed online casino in America and our completely new “Head of All Things Technological” remembered to phone Google yesterday and request if they would possibly be so generous as to send all their casino traffic over to us as we are noticeably the most accomplished.

It takes us all of Thursday and Friday to reply to all the congratulatory messages and calls and wait around for the Bank Of America man to drop of our 2 gazillion dollars for Thursday and Friday. We give one of the gazillions to Tiger for helping us and consider how we can spend the other one. Maybe we need to buy MGM Mirage all things considered or quite possibly Las Vegas Sands, after all if you are not going forward you are standing still. Cleaning the offices is no longer a worry as Mavis our cleaner says she has a pal at the old peoples center who could really come in handy.

We establish however that our latest domination plan is so well organized and implemented that MGM and LVS will come to us so we leave them alone, instead we come to a decision that now we have done America, what we must do is Call Barney Frank and ask him if he would be so nice as to just pop over to China for us, early next week would be fantastic and ask if they could legalize online betting now that they’ve got such a qualified partner.

On his journey home we also ask Congressman Frank (see still a Congressman) if he could go to Hong Kong and Macau and let Mr Stanley Ho and his family know that we have now dominated the U.S. Casino sector so he should end all links with MGM Mirage and be a part of our little club instead.

So off Barney heads armed with two box sets of the Las Vegas TV show, one for the Chinese Government and one for the Ho family just to verify we do know for sure what we are working on.

So there you go 10 days and the American market is certainly now ours, we speculate the Asian market might possibly take 14 days as we have a friend of a friend coming over to help us master Chinese as Mavis said this would be the courteous course of action.

Remember it is Friday and whatever you are working on stop for a second and smile, let your imagination run away with you for 5 minutes, trust us the normal world and all its issues will still be there when your done.

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