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postheadericon Tips In Picking The Best Casino To Play Online Slots

If you’re sick and tired of the traveling long distance to traditional casino houses, then it is time to consider playing online. After all, the online casino can do more than just save you time, money and effort for the commute. It also offers a wide selection of games you’ve always loved such as online slots.

You have to be aware, though, that today there is literally thousand of casino sites. Hence, it is imperative that you learn how to choose the best among your options. There are essential features that you need to check when evaluating your choices. First is the license information. You should find out if the site is licensed. You can obtain this information by checking out the “About Us” page of the site. The license can give you a sense of protection, which means you’ll have peace of mind as well.

Another key factor to look into is the reputation of the casino. Check online to find gaming forums that you can refer to for this purpose. Online gamers usually use forums to vent their concerns about online businesses such as casinos. Having said that, you should set aside time to go over these forums. Customer support is another key factor to look for in an online casino.

In that, you have to be informed of the ways you can get in touch with the casino’s customer support team. You would benefit from a casino site that offers various methods like email, chat support and phone. Through this, if you find yourself troubled while you’re playing baccarat, you have a number of methods to opt for to get assistance. This can mean a better chance at having the trouble sorted out in no time.

Moreover, your pursuit to locate the best casino should bring you to a site that allows different payment options. Also, you should make sure that there is no withdrawal limit in the casino you are interested in. Another critical feature to be concerned about is the promotions. Given the thousands of online casino sites in operation today, you can expect a strong competition. The implication is that you can look forward to great promotions. This alone, should be enough to compel you to shop around.

And when you do so, compare promos and bonuses. If you have no names of online casinos yet, which you can start evaluating, you can make use of the search engine. But when you do so, target pioneer casinos or those that have been operating for a long time such as Casino Room. Regardless of the type of business you are considering, you will always benefit from transacting with a company that has a solid experience.

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postheadericon Suggestions about Betting Casino Slots Online

In order to learn tips on winning at slot machines, then see this. You’ll find slot machine cheat tips for win additional money within the casino.

It is the aim of every slot machine participant to earn. Playing slot machine is absolutely entertaining. It is the greatest form of leisure a person may have. For some men and women, playing slots is their particular means of treating themselves their stresses that they’re having because of the active life within this very sophisticated world.

Actively playing slot machines don’t always assure a victory. This is why once we play slot machines, succeeding should only be second in goal. It’s normal for people to want winning however we must understand that the first goal for playing is to have a pleasant moment. How do increase the enjoyment regarding playing slots? The answer is plain and also easy. We have to maintain ample amount within our bankroll so that we could play repeatedly.

Alternatively, the loss limit is the volume you should set to remind you that you’re dropping ample cash out of your bankroll and that you should end playing. Following this limit, you will permit yourself to have sufficient money within your bankroll to be able to constantly play in the next days to come. If you lose and you’ve arrived at your loss limit, keep away from desiring to get the lost money back. Think about your losses on that day as a payment for a wonderful enjoyment which you had.

An additional way to save money from your bank roll is usually to make smaller coin bets. Producing small coin bets will allow your play more games and maximize your number of spins. It’s also advised that you simply play with machines which has much less number of reels to enable you to play more games from casino slot machines.

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postheadericon Welcome Bonuses And How To Claim Them

If you’re serious about playing casino games online then you should consider getting a Sign-Up Bonus to get free money to play.

A Sign-Up Bonus is a type of casino promotion which offers all new customers a free amount of cash when they make their first deposit.

In most cases, this free bonus is given as a percentage of your first deposit (e.g. 200%) and depending on the casino, you can expect to get anywhere from 50% to 200% more free cash to play online.

A Welcome Bonus can effectively boost your bankroll by up to four times before you even place any bets.

Much like any other kind of casino bonus there are pros and cons about a Welcome Bonus.

The Advantages of a Welcome Bonus

The major advantage to using a Sign-Up Bonus is that you are effectively playing with the casino’s money as a way of safeguarding your own.

Consider the following example. You make a deposit for a 100 and the casino gives you another 100 free, you now have a total of 200 to play with. If you play using a stop-loss system of 100, this effectively means that you will not come out as a loser and you’re playing with safe money.

This means that even if you lose 20% of the hands (which is very unlikely) you will still emerge with a 80 profit and your deposit intact! You only need visit a few before you have generated a very sizable profit.

How to Free Your First Deposit Bonus

One common restriction on First Time Deposit Bonuses is that the cash granted to you can only be used to play some of the casino games available and there are restrictions on processing withdraws.

Another disadvantage of First Deposit Bonuses is that like any other type of free casino bonus there are complex wagering requirements attached to them.

Bear in mind that in some cases the amount of free cash you receive as part of your First Deposit Bonus can only be spent on certain casino games. For example, some popular online casinos offer a 50% First Time Deposit Bonus for Blackjack players, 75% free for roulette players and 100% to play slots – slots players normally enjoy the highest offers.

Likewise, not all casino games will have the same rate of contribution towards fulfilling the free bonus wagering requirement. The clearest example of this are slots and blackjack. While slot games normally have a contribution rate of 100%, blackjack may only contribute a small percentage, sometimes about 5% of your wagered amount. This means that a 100 staked on slots will count in full towards the wagering requirement while a 100 wagered playing blackjack will only contribute 5 towards unlocking your bonus.

The rate of contribution and the games that count towards unlocking your bonus are described in the Terms and Condition of the site or the bonus it self. These T&Cs will tell you how many times you must play the bonus through before being able to cash out and which games count towards fulfilling this requirement.

This play-through amount can be between 10 and 40 times the deposit plus bonus. This means that if you deposit $40, then receive another $40 in bonuses at 10 times play-through you have to wager $800 in bets.

Depending on the games you like to play and the amount of money you normally allocate for playing casino games, this wagering requirement on your Welcome Bonus can be more or less attractive.

For example, a blackjack player and a slot player who both deposit the same amount of money and place more or less the same size of bets will not fulfill the wagering requirement at the same time. Slots players will have it so much easier to unlock the bonus because of it’s high percentage of contribution, whereas the blackjack player will need to wager much more money to free the same amount of bonus.

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postheadericon The Cleopatra Slot Game Review

This popular 5 reels online slots has has taken the online gaming world by surprise. What makes this 5-reels slot such a popular game?

The game is very well crafted and features great graphics and sound effects; but this is not why the game is so popular.


Cleopatra slot is actually an online version of a popular land-base casino slot machine from Las Vegas.

Why is this important, you may ask?

This means that the game has already proven to be successful with thousands of casino players, a clear sign of high and frequent payouts.

Suits all Pockets

One of the features that has made Cleopatra such success slot is that it’s attractive to players who like to bet big and small.

That being said, you can play for as little as 1c (or 1p for UK players) or as much as $10 per pay-line.

Although found in many other online slots, it’s important to note that in Cleopatra Slot your balance is converted into credit units, so even though $1 equals 1 credit unit, you will be playing with credit units and not dollars.

A range of attractive bonuses and winning possibilities makes Cleopatra slot so played the world around.

The following are the symbols featured in this game: Scarab, Gold Pendants, the Eye of Horus and the Royalty symbols King and Queen and numbers 9 and 10.

The first bonus symbols we will look at are the Wild Symbols and the Scatter Symbol.

The Wild Symbol is easy to recognize because it is represented by the image of Cleopatra. This bonus symbol will return twice your stake when it’s used to create a winning line.

The Scatter Bonus Symbol is the most attractive of all and it’s represented by the image of Sphinx.

The Scatter Symbol is the most generous of all, and it pays-out in just about any direction on the reels. This symbol has the potential to multiply your stake up to a hundred times the original amount.

The Sphinx symbol will activate the Cleopatra Free Spins Bonus, if you line up at least three Sphinx bonus symbols on the reels.

The Cleopatra Free Spins round is a bonus game that offers you a total of 15 extra spins to hit more winning combinations and bonuses for free.

You will not actually spin the reels during the Free Spins Bonus Round as these will be played automatically but this bonus round will offer you 15 more chances of winning free cash absolutely free.

Once you have finished playing your 15 free spins, the Cleopatra game will resume and you will continue to play as normal.

So now you know that when you’re playing Cleopatra slots, you’re not just playing any slot game. You’re playing a prestigious slot game with proven success, outstanding graphics and effects and great bonuses that can really boost your bankroll.

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postheadericon Review Of The Top Online Slots

Now-a-days most online casinos offer you many slot games to play but with some many choices available, how do you go about choosing the ones that are worth your time and money?

Deal or No Deal Slot

Based on the famous TV game show, this online slot game is one of the most popular games available.

Whenever you have a win on the slot reels, the Banker will ring up the phone to offer you a guaranteed money prize in exchange for your win.

The Deal or No Deal slot game is not only themed as the TV show, it combines the original game with a slot machine engine to offer bonuses on the reels, money prizes and a progressive Jackpot that is until today, the highest single payout recorded, 1.9m!

This slot game offers the Reel Banker bonus round, which grants you with free spins that can build on top of each other and best of all, any winnings you get during this bonus game are doubled.

By getting three Bonus Symbols on the reels, you will get a Jackpot Bonus and get to play the popular Deal or No Deal game.

Play it right and you could walk away with the total progressive Jackpot!

The Cleopatra Slot Game

The Cleopatra Slot is actually an online adaptation of a land-based casino slot machine from Las Vegas, Nevada.

This game is loaded with lots of bonus symbols, winning combinations and a huge progressive Jackpot prize.

There are bonuses in this game that will give you twice as much money or pay up to x100 your original bet.

One bonus symbol that pays twice your original stake is the Cleopatra Wild Symbol.

There is also the Sphinx symbol which will activate the Cleopatra Free Spin Bonus, a total of 15 spins of the reels that are granted to you at no cost at all when you get three of these Sphinx symbols on the reels.

The best bonus symbols you can hope to get is the Scatter Bonus Symbol. It pays out in just about any direction on the reels and it has the potential to multiply your stake up to x100 times.

Monopoly Pass “GO” Slot

The Monopoly slot game combines the original Mr. Monopoly board game with a five reel online slot loaded with many cash bonuses, multiple winning possibilities and a much larger progressive Jackpot than most other online slots.

One of these bonus symbols is the Mr. Monopoly bonus symbol which appears every so often to give you an extra win.

The Pass “GO” Bonus feature gets triggered when you create a winning pay-line with a Bonus Dice symbol.

In this bonus round game, you collect more cash awards whenever you Pass “Go” and these bonuses can give you up to three times more winnings.

Cluedo Slot

This online slot is based on the popular crime fiction board game Cluedo and it has quickly become a casino favourite.

The Cluedo slot machine offers up to 15 pay-lines on 5 reels and the opportunity to cash out up to 250,000 on a single spin.

You can get a guaranteed cash prize thanks to the “Who Won It” Bonus symbol. The first of these random prizes is granted when you get three of these bonus symbols on a payline.

When the bonus is triggered, you will see how the spyglass will move over the Suspects, Rooms and Weapons symbols and reveal how much you’ve won.

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