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postheadericon Poker Glossary

Poker is one of the most ancient forms of gambling. Nobody seems to know the exact place or time of its origin. Along with its passage through the ages, certain special terms which have come to be associated with poker, have also passed on. Poker is a game that has a number of variants, and the same expressions are used in them all. Now these terms that are used in the play have become the poker glossary or, more specifically, the “poker lingo”. And if you want to play poker, then you must know the glossary. This will enable you you to feel like a professional.

Since poker is a gambling game and you play it for cash, you will find that the term “tapping out” indicates you have lost all that you had wagered and the game itself.

Poker incorporates a 52 card pack in four suits. Namely hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. In some poker variations, the joker is in use. The joker is referred to as the “wild card”. The “wild card” can replace any of the cards in the deck. “Hand” is the combination of cards that a player holds in his hand. A combination is said to be “Ace high” or “Ace low” if the hand holds an ace, and the way the player uses the ace. An “Ace full” means that you have a full house that with an ace.

When the activity around the table is high, the term “in action” is used. The action could mean “betting”, “raising” or even “ch ecking”. “Checking” is used to denote that the betting is being done without raising the bets. When you are glad with your combination, you could say “betting everything”, showing that you will be adding to the pot. “Up the ante” means that you are increasing the bet. If your opponent places a wager, and you want to counter it by adding more to the pot you just have to say “raising”.

“Broomcorn uncle” is a player that is broken. And a “buy” is the money you require to have if you want play poker. A “dealer” is the one who deals the cards.

The variant Texas Hold’em starts with a “preflop”, where every player gets two cards each. This is followed by the “flop” and then “turn”. The last deal is referred to as the “river”. When these cards are dealt, the community cards are placed to face up on the table. If the flop cards are of different suits, this means a “rainbow” as per the poker glossary.

When a weak combination beats a strong one, it is a “bad beat”, and this can only happen in poker. If you get annoyed when playing poker, then you are on “tilt”. You can go on tilt after a bad beat.

This is only the basic poker glossary. However, when you start to participate in the game, you will surely comprehend the more difficult terms. You will find poker more appealing, and you will then be able to enjoy it more. Poker lingo is very engrossing. All you have to do is learn the fundamentals, and then the rest will come as you play.

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