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postheadericon A Detailed Review of Players Only

What Players Only Poker wants you to concentrate on is developing your game, hence the slogan “Unleash the Player in You.” This terrific online gaming site lets you play at the sports book, horse races and casino as well as poker, of course, so the action is endless. The company is owned by Gaming Ventures of Antigua and works in close association with the Antiguan government and Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) and offers their full support to the Antiguan Online Gaming Association’s Gaming Addiction Research and Education Fund. Players can be sure Player’s only is interested in the well-being of the gaming community. The software is operated by the Cake network, so the site will be very familiar to most online poker devotees.

Just because it is on the Cake network, though, doesn’t mean that there aren’t some surprises on the site. One unusual and totally awesome feature not found anywhere is the scrolling live sports betting odds. Whether you are a sports fanatic, poker fanatic or a mix of both, this is nirvana as you can indulge in both at once at Players Only.

Another surprise upon opening the application is the list of screen names of the latest big tournament money winners. The software is largely button based and all features of the site are right in front of you for fast and easy access. The news button in the right upper corner keeps you informed of the latest goings on while playing or looking for a game. Just about all the other functions of the site will be very familiar to Cake network aficionados.

The mainstays of the cash games at Players Only are Texas Holdem in the no limit, pot limit and fixed limit variety, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, seven card stud and seven card stud hi-lo. Thanks to the site operating on the Cake network, the players are number around 8,000 all enjoying themselves at over 1,000 tables anytime you drop in. There is a pot’o money changing hands here.

Blinds start at $.02/.04 and go to $500/1000 for the big dogs in the six max and heads up games. If you are not in the mood for ring games at the moment, take advantage of one of the numerous tournaments on the site. There is a great diversity of tournaments at Players Only and buy ins are as low as one thin dime. You will also find some of the largest tournaments anywhere on this site with buy-ins reaching an astronomical $5,000. The Gold Chip tournaments are very big at Players Only and the rewards are plentiful.

Aussie Millions and Irish Open poker packages name just a small part of the player rewards here. Throw in the frequent player points that can be earned by loyal playing and can be swapped for cool stuff at the player store. There are also Gold cards and Gold chips that can be earned through play and is one more way to get into the gold prospecting action. He who amasses the most gold gets the most cash and prizes for his efforts. Special promotions are featured continuously on Players Only. So no matter what your game of the moment is, Players Only Poker is there to reward you, take care of you and support you in all your endeavors.

The company maintains its own servers in Curacao and uses the latest 256-bit TwoFish encryption algorithm for the security of the players and their games. The support can be contacted by live chat and email 24 hours a day with prompt attention to everyone’s questions and issues. If you would rather contact a real human, you can do that too as the phone support staff is always available to assist you and give you an instant vocal response. Players Only Poker has been issued a Preferential Seal by the Directorate of Offshore Gaming of Antigua and Barbuda and uses a Technical Systems Testing Certified platform for its high quality, secure support of both the gamers and the games they play.

If it’s a sports book, blackjack, horsies or poker you want, Players Only Poker will offer them all to you in one place to unleash that winning quality in you.

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postheadericon An In Depth Look at Red Star Poker

Red Star Poker is one of the many partners on the Cake network so its visual appeal and robust functions will come as no surprise to any online poker player. Once the software is downloaded, in a blink of an eye I might add, and you open up the interface, you will be confronted by the Red Star Leader Board with its list of the famous professionals that regularly play on the site. The software is clean and direct and as easy to navigate as all the other Cake network sites.

The application is tab based and the buttons are simply and directly designed so all is easy to locate and understand. The information congregates toward the center of the screen making it appealing to look at and easy to read and follow. A neat tab is the red backed gold chip and card tab that lets players see readily the promotional freerolls that are currently running.

The version number of the software is in the upper left corner and a news center and time clock at the upper right. Details are important to Red Star Poker. There are tournament reminders popping up at the bottom of the screen so you don’t miss out. Red Star Poker operates on one of the most dependable poker platforms in the business, a major attraction for its players.

The number of tables going at any one time are a thousand plus with the players at them numbering into the tens of thousands. You can rest assured that with all this action, the cash games and tournaments are not taken lightly. Cash games include no limit holdem, fixed limit holdem, pot limit holdem, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, seven card stud, and seven card stud hi-lo. Betting begins at $.02/.04 and rises to $500/1,000. Tournaments abound on Red Star Poker as well and come in many flavors.

You will find satellites, sit-n-gos, private and freeroll tournaments. Regular tournaments are always going on and are burgeoning and all of them employ synchronized breaks, an up and coming popular feature. Buy ins begin at $0.10 and creep on up to $250 giving players many chances to play and earn rewards at Red Star Poker.

Red Star has joined in with the Irish Open in Dublin in 2010 to give its players something to strive for. There is a $7,500 prize package that ought to make any self-respecting gamer put their best foot (or hand) forward. Also available are the Aussie Millions and Russian Poker tour to add to the tournament mix. Value satellites to foreign locales still don’t satisfy this restless company though, they have to throw in even more exotic activities.

That would be the Win a Scholarship contest. The prize is no less than two hundred thousand rubles earmarked for education and sure to put a lump in the throat of any starving student. Of course, all the standard Cake network goodies are prevalent on the site like frequent player points, gold cards, gold chips and gold stacks to keep players on their toes and making return visits often. There is so much energetic activity taking place at Red Star Poker that you can bet they have a serious, strong support system.

An unusual and worthy service here is their total credit card transactions division. Not only that, the company gives players personalized support with both email and telephone help lines 24/7. The phone numbers are there to support the Ukraine, Russia and North America bringing Red Star Poker solidly into the global market with the internal core strong enough to handle it. You will find playing on the site gratifying and smooth.

With its live action and online play, Red Star Poker is a shining destination for every poker player, whether beginner or expert. And don’t forget those tournaments in exotic lands that you just might get yourself into.

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postheadericon An in Depth Look at Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker has been around for years and is well known within the online poker community where it is immensely popular. Professionals such as lacy Jones and Matt Vengrin and reality TV stars like Trishelle Cannatella are regularly featured on the site adding even more followers. No surprise then that the CEREUS poker network boasts of his primiere status.

Absolute Poker comes under the ownership of Tokwiro Enterprises Engr and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and thereby a reliable and secure online poker site with every right to its mission statement of “To continue to the best and most trusted.” The Absolute Poker team is constantly striving to bring to the online poker community the most distinctive and scintillating environment and is serious about continuous improvement of the software for the players total poker experience.

The powerful software will take you a little longer to download than some of the other sites, but be patient and you will be justly rewarded for your efforts. The feel of the application is akin to Full Tilt Poker in that there are no jolts or surprises – it runs like a silken thread. The players can expect to have an intuitive and pleasant poker environment because of the game key along the bottom, which is very clear and easy to read as are the nicely arranged tab keys. One major feature that sets it apart from the other sites is that it can be run on either the MAC or PC platform giving everybody the opportunity to visit and enjoy the site.

The avatars, hot keys and rabbit cams can be easily changed to suit the users mood and/or taste, adding yet another goody to its field of goodies. Exclusive to Absolute Poker software is the presence of seven deuce tables adding greatly to their software bragging rights. The player who wins at one of these tables reaps additional money from all the other players at the table. The bad beat jackpot meter is flashing its increasing numbers higher and higher and also carrying on are casino and blackjack buttons making it an interface for all to get a kick out of..

Because of the site’s longevity and size, one can encounter over three thousand active tables at any given time and over twenty thousand players on Absolute Poker 24/7. Due to this volume, you will also encounter a variety of games such as limit, no limit and pot limit holdem as well as Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, seven card stud, seven card stud hi-lo and razz. For the expert player, there are mixed games to challenge his skill like HORSE and HOSE.

Even the new guy to poker gets a shot at real play with limits as low as $.01/.02 on up to $200/400 should he be in the zone. Tournament lobbies are also a popular attraction on Absolute Poker. There exist sit-n-go buy-ins at the $5,000 level and the usual tournament play starts at $2500 making this site dear to the hearts of the tournament fanatics. Large guarantee tournaments into the two hundred thousand prize pool levels are famously offered on weekends and Wednesdays to keep those fanatics coming back for more and more excitement. For those weary of poker seeking a brief relief, there are blackjack tournaments to offer them solace. You can imagine the pots that can be raked in with such a huge player base.

Accumulating points is the rule in most online poker games and Absolute Poker is no different. To pocket even more monetary rewards, the site offers Power Hour. These are periods where the players can collect more than the usual points along with the nicely remunerative freerolls. Then there are the Donkaments that a player can use his player points as entry fees but come out with massive payouts.

Indubitably, the most well known promotion the site markets is the UBOC Online Championship of Poker. Spanning twelve days, eighteen events take place with prizes worth more than four million dollars. Truly the way to the avid poker player’s heart..

The free money players have the great good fortune to take advantage of the Ten Million Chips Hall of Fame bonus offering. The play money player who reaches the ten million mark in play chips is eligible for a real money $50 bonus after a first time deposit. Do not overlook the nifty and valuable bad beat jackpot and the many other awards that contribute to the many incentives on the site. All of these give the players many reasons to enjoy themselves on this highly secure and reliable site.

There are sufficient help pages and FAQs on the site to satisfy even the raw beginner, which is a good thing as email is the only contact option. Committed to security and site reliability, Absolute Poker supports its player base with detailed documentation and a secure platform.

Whether newcomer or sly veteran on the prowl, this site is a haven for anyone looking for a game. Absolute Poker as a company with a sturdy foundation manages a massive number of cheerful players.

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postheadericon An In Depth Look at Paradise Poker

Paradise Poker has at its back the Sporting Bet brand and like paradise itself this is the place to be for some serious R & R. When you log on to the site, you will be looking at more than twenty languages from which to choose, making clear the sites global universe. But poker isn’t all there is to Paradise Poker. Here you will encounter casino games, backgammon, and a sports book to ensure something for everyone itching to enjoy some gaming, whether serious minded or party minded. The software runs on the Boss Media Network so anyone familiar with Virgin Poker will know that this is the place that meets every online player’s expectations.

The site’s background is welcoming and soothing with its island atmosphere and is equipped with an attractive button and tab based format. A really handy feature are the buttons that can be clicked to take you to the promos, casino, blackjack and sports book swiftly and easily. The poker info box in the upper right is an interesting feature not found on many other sites which allows for odds calculations and display of items like bonuses, player points and balances giving players a succinct overview of important data.

You can’t straddle bet on many other sites, but you can here. There are tables set aside at Paradise Poker where straddle betting is allowed for the player following the big blind, who would usually be under the gun, to place chips in the center before the regular action begins. The site is robust enough to handle table resizing, bettor time bank, decision making features, a network health meter, instant bankroll fill ups, and late registration for tournaments adding to the players enjoyable experience here.

There will be with you over ten thousand players any time you log on so this is definitely becoming the place to be for online poker and gaming aficionados. They are all enjoying themselves with games like no limit, pot limit and fixed limit holdem, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, both five and seven card stud along with draw games. The lowest bet level is $.02/.04 and the highest is up to $1,000/2,000 giving something for everyone’s skill and risk aversion levels. The online tournaments offer those tournament players in the crowd some of the most outrageously high stakes in the business luring them in as well.

Whether it is a standard multi-table tournament, a heads up event, or satellite event you are after, or even if you want to host a private tournament for your homeboys, Paradise Poker fulfills your needs. The tournament buy-ins go up to $550 Euro so you know you are vying for some major bucks. Players come from everywhere on planet Earth to satisfy their desires for sports book wagering and the same at the many tables where they can enjoy a variety of games and pit their skills against the thousands of other players reaping the copious rewards offered at the site.

With the abundantly lucrative bad beat jackpot being just one of the rewarding events at Paradise Poker, there is also a sit-n-go jackpot among others. All offer generous rewards. Don’t overlook the Paradise Players Club where frequent player points can be earned to trade in for cash or items of value.

Speaking of stuff, there is a fascinating area to enlighten players about what they can reap with the sweet link referred to as “free stuff” which is located in the upper right hand corner of the homepage. The awesome deals here change on a regular basis. Some other neat benefits are the shared prize pool for the players at the top of the tournament leader board and promotions that change with the seasons such as the two billionth hand promotion. Get the idea that Paradise Poker has been around a long time and is thriving?

The support system is expansive and offers help through live chat, phone support and email all day every day and all players questions and issues are resolved professionally and promptly. Paradise Poker is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (Ticker symbol: SBT.L) so players can put their trust in the banking and the overall integrity of this company which has raised the standards bar for the industry. Unusual among online poker sites, Paradise Poker also offers further support in its poker school and well arranged sectors such as house rules and policies. There is absolutely no room for player security-anxiety at such a site.

Paradise Poker is great for the serious player desirous of joining Team Paradise as well as the laid back player looking for a good time at the tables or sports book. All players desires will be fulfilled and they will find all their requirements are met here. Paradise Poker is a contributor to Europe’s The Master Classics of Poker and the Anniversary Tour in Estonia events so it offers live as well as online gaming to its players adding even more to the positive poker experience all will find at this very active site.

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postheadericon A Look at Online Poker Room Minted Poker

Minted Poker is part of the Everleaf gaming network but the feel and the layout of the software more closely resembles Full Tilt Poker. The company partners with Send My Chips and is rapidly growing. The software is in tones of gold and invites you in with the charm of rake races among other strong features on the site. Come on in and see what you can find at Minted Poker.

The software is not very different from its sister sites on the Everleaf Network. Minted Poker puts together an interface which will be very familiar with some extra sizzle to set it apart. There is a moving ticker and nifty announcement area in the upper right corner to keep players apprised of the latest poker news, free rolls and other contests and promotional goodies currently on the site. Minted Poker offers its players a buddy list and other features not readily found on other sites. The players enjoy the highly functional software with a comfortable feel along with, of course, the selection of exhilarating cash games and tournaments.

This is a small site with only 100 tables and 500 players so it is a tight knit community of players, but they are all enjoying themselves immensely. The betting begins at $.05/.10 and goes to $40/80 so there is a level for everyone and with the right mix of players, games can be quite lucrative. The cash games offered are Hold Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo, and Seven Card Stud with other games waiting in the wings that will soon be available as well. Tournaments abound as do sit-n-gos and step tourneys. The tournament buy ins range from 10 cents and soar to a lofty $1,200. Everyone can find a tournament of choice here. Minted Poker treats its players with tender loving care and rich rewards that go beyond the freerolls and other very attractive features the site has to offer its community.

A really super contest is the million dollar ladder giving players the unusual opportunity to hit the big time. The player with the perfect combination of talent and luck who completes a specified number of steps will get to take his chances at being one million bucks richer. There is a similar but less wealthy contest entitled Grab A Grand and is just a smaller version of the granddaddy million dollar ladder. Add to this the poker points campaign whereby players earn points to go toward tournament buy ins. There are packages offered here too, one such is the package to the World Series of Poker as well as other promotions that change with the seasons. All of this is worth giving Minted Poker a whirl.

The excellent support is available by email 24 hours a day, every day and can be accessed by the contact button on the homepage. A large percentage of the queries will be answered immediately and all will be answered clearly and efficiently. Minted Poker includes a fraud control department as part of its dedication to its players security and gaming integrity. Your enjoyable time spent at Minted Poker is also very secure, so you need never add worry to your experience here.

You should definitely add Minted Poker to your online poker site list as one to visit at every opportunity for that great, fulfilling poker experience.

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