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postheadericon How to think when when you’re betting

I start off with telling what most people are doingwrong when betting. They place bet with their feelings and intuition, oftenly because they bet on their favourite team. A bet that “feels” right, is often the worst of all.

Why is that so? Well, basically it is in our human nature. The main reason that human kind has come to where it is today is because of the ability to feel.

The evolution of human race hadn’t come this far if it wasn’t for the abilty to make the right choices. And to back your choices up with something, you use the only measurement tool you had. Namely you feelings and senses.

So what the mumble has that to do with betting, you think. I’ll explain.

The humans whom survived in the past, developed an ability to learn from the past. The things that had went good before, would most definitely work again. This way, the individuals who could take advantage of earlier experiences to make better decisions would also outlive the individuals that couldn’t.

The intuition is our best friend in those situations. Therefore it has always been an advantage to “feel” what to do.

But when you’re applying this instinct to betting, this same intuition very often will lead you the wrong way. You would filter everything through those feelings and make decisions from that, rather than taking the actual circumstances into a count.

See where I’m going here? To do this instinct to your friend, you have to do research. Take real statistics to load up your knowledge base. That way you have the tools to make the right decisions. You no longer need to follow the “feeling” that one team is the stronger. So what you really need is a statistics base. Because what happened in the past will reapeat itself. Again and again.

Where can you find statistics? Think about it for a moment. You will probably come up with some useful sites. Remember that notonly recent stats are important, but also previous and historical stats will matter.

To help you out here there are some good programs that will make it easy to find the useful statistics. The one’s that are good provides you with facts, and make it easy to know what to expect from those single events you want to bet on. Bets on real facts are the most secure way to win money on betting.

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