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postheadericon How To Be A Successful Bettor

You surely know there are quiet a few things to think about when betting. For example, I imagine that you quiet often places bets without being sure about either one of the participants. You place your bet with your sense and feeling. And, let me guess, aren’t just those bets almost losing bets?

I can admit that it was that way for me anyway. Until I went to a ball game with a long time friend, who actually told me his little secret he always used when he was betting. I tell you this without any kind of overrating, that was a changing point in my life.

So what did my friend say to me?

Infact, he said the simplest little thing that he always do before he plays his bet. He checks the statistics for the players/teams that are playing. But to check stats is fairly easy, if you just know some sites that are providing such things. It can be on the online betting company’s site, or a Live Score site that provides tables and backwards counting stats, or the club’s home pages.

The important thing is to check for theuseful stats, as my friend said to me.

He looks at the 10 previous season’s meetings between the teams, the 20 latest games for each team, and if any player’s are injured or banned. It’s that simple.

By following his blueprints I turned my loosing streak to a winning streak. The first month I gained 53 points! If I would have been betting stake would have been $100 I would have made $5300. That’s insane, but to tell you the truth I didn’t have that kind of money to spend. But I won money with this method, and that’s the main thing.

This story is from two years ago, and today I could call myself I professional bettor. Every month I am putting away around $5000, so my friend’s advice was pretty good. It helped me out in a turbulent time of my life with very low cash flow in my account. His helping hand was the wake up-call I needed,but the thing is that his trick is good enough when you are playing with smaller amounts, $70-$100 per month. But I looked further ahead.

I got almost addicted to the stats and the feeling of security it gave me. I placed a bet and knew that I had at least 70% chance of winning. But the stats I looked up were too few to be truly secure, so I started to look around on the web for some programs or sports statistics providers. I found a few, but I also found some betting systems programs. Some of them were ok, some bad, but those who was working were using a quiet huge bit of statistics.

If you are about to try out your betting success, do research about your bets, check the stats. If you want to try a betting pick service or another software, make sure they use stats to predict the results. And don’t let them fool you!

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postheadericon Sports Betting Champ: To Pay Wisely

Betting on sports games can be truly fulfilling, considering that you enjoy watching every game as you earn from it at the same time. Sometimes, however, you might find yourself losing money on your bets due to the wrong decisions that you make. This being the case, you would have to be wiser in placing your wagers to make the endeavor more satisfying.

Mr. Morrison earned his degree in Statistics from a well-known university, making him a credible individual in the sports betting world. With the system he created, bettors can now be as successful as he is in the sports betting world: with all the games turning out to their advantage.

Unlike any other, this system is packed with all the technicalities of the betting world analyzed carefully through Statistics. The creator made sure that anyone who uses this system would no longer be at a loss when it comes to betting on sports games. It has become a very useful guide for those who are not very adept in placing their bets or those who rely on pure instinct when they make their wagers.

The creator of the system emphasizes that your instinct alone might not suffice to make you successful in the sports betting world. Your decisions might be clouded with your personal biases or idiosyncrasies; and therefore you might be susceptible to making false conclusions regarding the matter. If you truly want to earn more from every bet you make, it is advised that you get a system such as the Sports Betting Champ to guide you in every step of the way.

Likewise, you can also train yourself with predicting the outcomes of the games through statistical analysis, but this might be very troublesome or difficult for you. This kind of assessment takes years to master; hence, it would be better for you to have an expert to assist you in making your bets more fruitful.

In doing so, you would need the betting systems like the Sports Betting Champ to get the most out of every betting game you participate in. This system is most suitable for those who are still not able to determine the most favorable options in betting games. Getting this kind of system would make your betting activities more rewarding and less complicated.

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