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postheadericon Playing Video Poker can be a nice experience

Video poker is a great game. It is competitive, challenging and requires a substantial amount of skill. Individuals interested in improving their poker games will need to first commit to learning the basics and then building on that knowledge. The players like its fast-paced game play and of course, they also like the fact that they can win a hung sum of money during play. It’s basically 2 things in 1. Over the years the game has improved much more, in terms of its looks and game play. Although the gaming experience in video poker has indeed been improved, the poker players’ chance of making a profit are still very small.

To win a grand sum of cash from the game of video poker, you will need to have chance, a good casino strategy and experience. There is one universal truth in gambling, you can’t win them all. You must always remember that saying when playing a game of video poker. The house has the advantage in the game and you should not cloud your thoughts by losing your temper over losing on some rounds. That’s what the casino goal for and you shouldn’t give in to them. You should have a lot of patience and of course, time.

Playing straight for several hours can be a good thing, since you will be familiarizing yourself with the machine as time goes on as is betting low during the early hands of video poker. There are an array types of video poker and some have different payouts. You really should consider the pay table when playing the game and thus helping you make your mind in terms of which cards you will be keeping and which cards you will be throwing out. A good idea is to keep the ones that have the possibility of forming a winning hand combination. More than often, these are the ones that come with a pair, even if they don’t form anything that can be found on the pay table.

The reason for keeping these playing cards is that they can be of use to you when you receive other playing cards. You can form a two-pair hand by using the first pair you got, or you can even have a shot at getting a three of a kind hand. When playing poker, You should always keep your state of mind. Do not gamble during your bad days. You should also remember to leave the casino when you’re losing heavily on the games. This should help you lower your losses on your unlucky days. Always keep in mind that you can come back any time and play again. You should always try to have fun when visiting the casino to receive the most out of the visit.

Video poker is an easy, rapid game on the casino. If you’re looking for the perfect game that will give you the fun and thrill you are looking for, video poker may just as well be the casino game for you. Even if you’re looking for it in the casinos, or even online, you can for sure find yourself a machine that will let you play video poker. Playing video poker video poker from the privacy of your own home is a great way to enhance your skills at video poker and to make a couple extra bucks by playing video poker.

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postheadericon Learning the Basics of video poker and the Best Winning Tips

Most new gamblers think that if they have to win in video poker, they must stick to the best winning strategies. However, they don’t know that in addition to good strategies they must also use common sense. Understanding the basic rules and payouts is also important in this casino game. A few winning tips and the payouts are described here to help you become a winner.

The first tip is to “Hold” cards that make a major winning hand. Since you can get caught in the thrill of the game, you can forget holding the winning cards. It may seem irrational, but most often people lose their winning hands without even knowing and they end up losing the hand when pressing the Deal button.

The second tip is to choose a high paying machine. Find a video poker machine that pays out 99.5% or more. The machine with the highest payout is the one that offers 6 coins for a Flush and 9 coins for Full House. If you choose a machine that pays 6 coins for Flush and 8 coins for Full House, it is giving you 5% less profit. Remember that Jacks, Queens and Kings are better compared to Aces. This is because these cards can help you get the combination that can end up with a Straight compared to getting an Ace.

The next tip for playing this thrilling game is to avoid the progressive machine unless the jackpot is big. Also make sure that you have a huge bankroll before you choose any progressives. Make sure that you have a clear budget before you sit down to gamble. And when choosing the bonus games, make sure that the machine pays out at least 10 coins if you have a Full House and 7 coins if you have a Flush for the single credit line.

When playing deuces wild video poker games, you would be discarding all the 5 cards around 1/5th of the time. You should choose a machine that pays 5 coins for a Four of a Kind and 9 coins for a Straight Flush. And, in case of jokers wild games, try to get a Straight Flush using a Wild Card if possible. This can give you better rate of return. Try to choose machines that would pay you 5 coins for a Flush and 7 coins for a Full House in the single credit line.

Another important thing to learn in the casino game of video poker is the regular payout for each of the hands. The Royal Straight Flush is the best hand in this game and it pays out 1 to 500, whereas a Pair is the lowest hand and it has a payout of 1 to 1. The second highest hand is Straight Flush that pays out 1 to 100 and the third highest is the Four of a kind that pays 1 to 40. The Full House pays 1 to 10 and then the Flush pays 1 to 7. the next lower hands are the Straight Hand, Three of a Kind and Two Pairs, with all of them paying 1 to 5, 1 to 3 and 1 to 2 respectively.

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postheadericon Video Poker – Is It Better Than Regular Video Slots?

Besides the standard poker, you will find that there are other games like video variation of poker. This is, in fact, a mix of the slot games and traditional poker. Many gamers prefer to play poker at the gambling tables with variants like Texas Hold’em, and not video version of poker; because they feel that it is better to play against the gamers, instead of playing against the house. Though if you use the right strategy, then video poker can make you more cash. If you play in the right manner, then it could be more thrilling than slot machines.

Table games are generally a little harder compared to video poker. Video poker is a blend of poker and slot machines, which makes it easy to play, once you master some good strategies, and play wise. This way, it becomes more convenient to avail lower house odds compared to normal slot machines. Aesthetically, the game has good graphics and is very enjoyable. You would be filled with excitement at the various features and options that video poker provides. Let us look at how video poker is played.

Video poker is played on a computer, which becomes your adversary in place of other players in a standard table game. It is played the same way we play “five-card draw poker” and uses most of the same rules. After filling the slot with coins for the initial wager, five cards are dealt on the screen. A player can keep the cards he selects, and discard the remaining. For this he clicks the “hold” button and picks the cards he wants to retain. The others get discarded. Once he has made his mind, he clicks the “deal” button. At this point, new cards take the place of the ones he had chosen to discard. Now the poker hand ranking system ranks the gambler and displays on the pay table situated at the top of the screen. This pay table will usually be set by casinos to gain the highest house edge over a period of time.

As stated earlier, you will go on to victory with the best strategy. If you wish to keep the odds in your favor, you will have to learn a few things when you play the game. If you were to scan the pay table of different machines, you will be able to get a hint as to which table offers the most lucrative pay outs. More often than not, the pay outs will be similar; the difference will be only in flush, full house, or royal flush.

If it is possible, you have to bet all your 5 credits, as the payout will be in factors of five except in the royal flush. Any play of less than 5 coins will be added to the royal flush jackpot. In the end somebody else can win the jackpot that you were instrumental in filling.

If you have some technical knowledge, then the place to look for information on video version of poker slot machines is the Internet. You will find hundreds of sites that will provide you information on all the rules; the location of the game machines, different calculations and tactics, and you will be able to learn the game very fast. Since gamblers who have a lot of expertise, and who have played the game for a long time, have created these pages, you can be sure to get very valuable knowledge. When you have gone through all this information, you will realize that video poker is a mix of poker and video slots.

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postheadericon Video Poker Strategy – Learn The Basics

As video poker is a game of skill and not luck, you need to have a proper strategy worked out before you start to play. You simply cannot afford to rely on luck as it is impossible to make it work in your favor. If you are a beginner, it is probably better to ‘borrow’ someone else’s successful strategy so that you can get going and start gaining some experience. Then you will be able to work out your own personal strategy as you become more familiar with the terminology and the way the game is organized. Try and find the most liberal tables and play on those. In addition, play properly to gain more than the house edge. In any form of gambling, it is generally assumed that ‘the house has the advantage’. Video poker is the one game that is the exception to that rule.

Whatever variation of video poker you play, there is one very important tactic that is crucial to get right – and that is deciding which cards to get rid of. You can of course discard all five of them, but usually there is no reason to do that. Getting rid of two or three is usually enough. The only time you will never have to discard any cards is when you are dealt the perfect hand – for example, a royal flush – and surprisingly, that does actually happen sometimes! In the exciting game of video poker, remember that there are at least 32 different ways to play one hand, but only one way to get you that elusive win. In any basic strategy for this game, it is prudent to take your time when deciding which cards to keep and which to discard. After all, this decision can make or break the game for you.

First off, there are certain cards or combinations of cards that you should always try and keep. Naturally this refers to winning cards – something like, a pair of Jacks for example, or even a lower pair is worth keeping. If you know the game well enough, you can be a tad adventurous and discard a pair hoping to receive cards of a better value. An occasion when this might work for you is if you have 3 or 4 cards that could form part of a Royal Flush. If this happens, then, yes, take the risk to go for the flush. And yes again, you will more than likely lose, but it won’t have cost you very much. You have a 1 in 52 chance of winning 800 to 4 00 coins depending on the stakes of the game.

If you are dealt a hand of cards with no winning combinations of pairs or straights, then it is always a good idea to keep the cards of high value and discard the cards of low value. A high value card is considered to be anything over a Jack or what is known as a ‘face’ card. Always hold on to a high card because it gives you a 1 in 13 chance of receiving a matching card, and in turn a better opportunity of getting a winning hand. Discarding all 5 of your cards should only be a last resort. Be aware that 3 or more cards can sometimes lead to you getting a straight or maybe 5 face cards will win you the game if you discarded two and then got the other half of a pair in the 2 new cards you receive. Be absolutely sure that the cards you have will lead to nothing. Don’t be too quick to throw away your hand.

Knowing a basic strategy in video poker, will eliminate any confusion over what is known as a straight (five sequential cards of any suit). If you have any sequential cards in your hand, keep those and get rid of the others. The payout for a straight is very high so it’s worth taking the risk to try and get one. At the same time, the odds of actually getting a straight are not very good. You should maybe also keep a pair as then at least you have a base from which to build something. Trying to judge what is better between a pair and a few cards in numerical order is difficult, but once you have the experience of numerous games behind you, you will be able to make an informed decision. In addition, understanding the difference between an outside straight and an inside straight is essential when playing a tight game of video poker. An ‘outside’ straight is when you have 4 sequential cards which can be added to at either end (an open ended straight), and an ‘inside’ straight is 4 cards that need a card in the middle to make them flow in numerical order. An inside straight is obviously far more difficult to get that an outside straight.

And, finally, always try and carry out a little research before you start playing your game. Become familiar with as many video poker games as possible so that you have a good clear picture of exactly how the game is played and how the different hands are figured out. Don’t try and jump in on the deep end as you will not win on a whim. Video poker is a game firmly based on statistics and anyone with reasonable ability can work out a strategy. It is not enough to simply know the rules of the game; it is wise to invest a little time in learning how to play correctly and how to take advantage of every possible opportunity. Video poker is ultimately a game where you can have fun and amuse yourself with some entertainment.

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postheadericon How To Win At Video Poker – Tips That Could Help

There are many games online and in casinos you can play today. One of the most popular of all is video poker which relies more on the player using strategy rather than luck to win. But if you want the opportunity to win more than you lose when playing this game you should learn how to play it. Plus you may find the tips below on how to win at video poker extremely useful.

Before we provide you with some tips we are going to explain a little more about what this form of poker is. First off video poker is actually based on the game called Draw Poker. However when playing this game instead of you competing against other people to win a hand you are actually competing against the machine.

On the screen of the machine five cards will be dealt by it and you then decide whether you keep these or ask for five more new cards to be dealt. In order to keep the cards dealt you simply push the button marked “hold”. However if you want new cards to be dealt then you simply push the button marked “deal”. What outcome is achieved will of course be based solely on the cards you have been dealt. The amount you win of course is based on what the pay table is and this is shown clearly on the front of each machine.

Above we have briefly explained what video poker is. Now we offer some tips on how to win at video poker you may find useful.

Tip 1 – Always look for a full pay machine. One of the biggest mistakes people make when playing video poker is to assume that the pay out on each machine is equal, which isn’t the case. The easiest way to find full pay machines is to look at the pay table for the one coin column to see how much you receive should you be dealt a full house or straight. A good machine will pay out 9 coins if you have a full house and 6 coins if you have been dealt a straight.

Tip 2 – Before you begin playing work out exactly how much you can afford to lose. You may think you have the best strategy in the world but there will be times when you lose. What you will find generally is that when you play video poker you are going to lose as many times as you win and relying on a high scoring hand to help recover any loses or to put you ahead isn’t a good idea. So make sure that before you start playing you set a limit on how much you spend and once this has been reached stop playing.

Tip 3 – When it comes to you wanting to know how to win at video poker you should read the pay tables first. You don’t actually have to memorize these as they will be written on the machine. But you should refer to them when you are deciding whether the cards in your hand should be kept or got rid of. Also you should be considering very carefully making any sacrifices if any small gain you make provides you with the opportunity to then win a larger jackpot.

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