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postheadericon Cash games in the Mobile and FB platforms

If you have been a part of the mobile or Facebook games market, you?ve probably heard about the phrase monetization. To put it in short it refers to ways of earning money from your mobile or Facebook application. This word came up following an intriguing situation that games developers faced in their first days in this market they were getting huge amounts of traffic but could not figure out how to earn money out of it. This also refers to casual games that were based on gambling, such as slots or poker, but in a fun mode. Their main way of earning money was placing adss in different formats. All this changed when one of the giants in this arena figured out how to make cash, and a lot of it, out of those casual games. This of course refers to Zynga. In fact, a lot of games developers use Zynga to learn how to monetize their application and turn it from a nice to have and impressive app, to a highly profitable one.So what is happening these days in mobile and Facebook apps

Monetizing has developed quite a lot since its initial ad placement days. In fact, ad placement is considered the least profitable format of monetizing. In current days you have a completely different approach that is based on selling virtual items to players. Those items can come in different formats: from getting access to a higher playing level to online poker chips. The biggest challenge is to figure out what is the thing which your users will be willing to buy while using your app. A fantastic, relatively recent, example is the ?Manager? application which runs for mobile and Facebook users. It?s a game that lets you manage a soccer team and run football games. You don?t see an actual game happening, but you can update your strategy while it happens, train players, buy players and just about act like real live soccer manager does. The monetization in this app is very sophisticated you can manage your team for free for as long as you want and you can win your first championship this way with no problem. However, as you go up to a more difficult level, the tournaments become harder to win. You have to think about new strategies and of course get professional football players. To do that you have to have tokens which you must buy with real cash. The moment you have had an experience of the game and have won some a championship, you?re most likely to spend cash in order to continue to play and win. It is a basic foot in the door technique, and it actually works.The following stage of monetizing

What was, or maybe still is, a huge taboo when it comes to mobile and FB applications, is slowly sneaking in. This obviously refers to the option to play games for money, real money that is. Until now the only way to do that is playing in known web gambling sites which offer a mobile variation for their games. Now it seems that is going to change. Around October, 2012, Zynga has published a press release saying that they are joining forces with Bwin.Party and are beginning a process of turning some of their games into gambling games. They have not said anything yet about an expected launch date, but the fact that they have issued such controversial news might be enough to state that they are dead serious. Alternatively, they are doing this to try and create a buzz which might help them sniff around and get the main industry?s reactions to such a change. The interesting thing about this is they completely avoided using the word gambling in all of their publications. They systematically prefer using a more innocent term real money gaming. Whatever it is, this announcement opens a new path to a frontier where no mobile or Facebook developer has ever gone before. Now we have to wait to see if this is a false alarm or it?s actually here to stay.

Daniel Craigen is an app developer who’s been in the mobile and Facebook gaming industry for the past 4 years. You can find more articles by him in his site, where you can play and win with full access to a Real money gaming experience as well as free casual games.

postheadericon Explore The Best Methods How Player May Win Money Playing Blackjack Online

This is a standard table game played in casinos worldwide. It is also known by other names like “twenty-one.” There may exist minor variations in the rules, but the goal of the game is to achieve as near to twenty-one points as may be possible while not going over that number. Going over is known as “busting.”

Cards in this table game are counted according to the face value that they display. So, a seven counts as seven points and a nine is worth nine points. Every card that shows a royal face counts as ten, as do tens. The player may choose whether to count his ace as either eleven or one point.

The dealer deals two cards to each player and himself. The dealer and the players all play in the round, either asking for a “hit, ” or asking for another card, or choosing to “stand, ” or stay with the number of points they currently have.

The best hand that one can receive is “black jack.” This is a ten card of some type along with an ace. Most of the time, the payout for such a hand is 150 percent of the primary bet. This is one of the best payouts in the gaming hall, and it is considered the best possible way to win.

If he wishes to win money in this game, it is a good idea to be aware that most of the time, between six and 8 decks are used to play the game. Because about thirty percent of each deck is a ten-type card, tens are the most commonly dealt card.If a player can remember that, and as long as it is known that a dealer hits on 16 all the time and stands on 17 at all times, then the odds increase in favor of the player.

A hand that sums eleven presents a unique opportunity. One may “double down, ” by increasing his bet by 100 percent and asking for one and not more than one “hit.” Often, such a move ends in a total hand of twenty-one because as mentioned above, the most commonly-occurring card in this game is a ten. This method is the number two best way to earn some money playing this game.

If a player receives two of the exact same kind of card, like a pair of threes or two sevens, he may choose to “split, ” against a poor hand showing by the dealer. In order to split his hand, the player should double his placed bet and each of his cards forms the beginning of a new hand. By doing this, the player may win twice. This is yet another way how a player can win money playing blackjack. Beyond the ways mentioned above, players can do even more to help their chance of winning by studying the various hand combination and how they should play against whatever card the dealer is showing in any situation.

Before playing in any gaming website, please check blackjack game rules and site reputation. It’s very recommended to start playing free gaming sites before switching to real money. Also, consider using Facebook Blackjack Applications – some of them offer exciting gaming experience with free blackjack. Search Google for “Facebook Blackjack” or “Facebook Blackjack Sweepstakes” to get the best Facebook games.

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postheadericon Guide To Making Money Playing Blackjack

The game of blackjack, which is also known as 21, is a very popular card game, both in casinos and in informal settings. It as simple rules, but rather complex strategies of play. Here are some ideas for how player may win money playing blackjack.

In blackjack play, the dealer plays against one or more players. The game starts with the players and the dealer each receiving two cards. All cards are face up except one of the dealer’s. Each card has a value, face cards ten, aces either one or eleven, and number cards the number. Adding the card values gives the score for the hand.

Players win if they either beat the dealers score or achieve a score of 21, but they lose if they go over 21, which is called busting. Players can hit, that is ask for another card as many times as they want until they stand or bust. Standing means no additional cards are wanted for this hand. The dealer is required to hit until they bust or they achieve a score of at least 17.

In this simplified version of play, the players either double their money, more for exactly 21 which is called a blackjack, or lose it during each round of play. This can be a very exciting game, and can also lead to winning or losing money very rapidly. The challenge is to find a way to consistently win, even if the amount is small.

A basic strategy for blackjack has evolved. Based on the player’s hand and the card that the dealer is showing, it recommends either hitting or standing. It requires memorization of a set of rules. In some cases, depending on the rules of the casino, it may give a slight advantage. It is at least better than randomly picking or going on intuition.

Most of the more complex strategies are based on keeping track of what cards have already been dealt from the current deck. This is called counting cards. Done properly, this gives players a estimate of how favorable the remaining cards will be. When the remainder is judged to be favorable, then players should increase their bet amount, otherwise they should decrease it.

Since counting can give players an edge, casinos don’t like it. Nevada casinos must accept individual counters. Teams and other forms of collusion are always banned. Some casinos have rather harsh sanctions for team play, assuming of course that they catch the team. To sum up, blackjack can be a winnable game, but it takes significant effort to win consistently.

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postheadericon How Player May Win Money Playing Blackjack Easily

There are many casino games that are based on luck. There are also others that involve a little bit of skill. Blackjack is one of these games. Below is some information on how player may win money playing blackjack either in a casino or online.

It is played with many decks of cards. They are shuffled and two are dealt to each player and the dealer. The object of the games is to get the closest to twenty one without going over it.

Each card in the deck has a certain value. All picture cards have a value of ten. The ace has a value of either one or eleven. All of the other cards have the value reflected on them. There are many winning combination and many side games as well.

Once the deck is shuffled the dealer will hand two cards to each player and two to himself. Each player must decide to either hit, stand or fold. It is advised that if you are close to twenty one that you stand and you have a better chance of winning the hand.

A player with a higher score than that of the dealer wins the hand. Going over twenty one means that you have bust and lose the hand immediately. The best score to get is called a blackjack and is acquired when you are dealt two cards that are a picture and an ace. When this happens the dealer pays you out two and a half times the value of your bet. The average winning per hand is double your bet that you have placed.

There are side games that you can also play when playing blackjack. Perfect pairs is a game that uses the same deck of cards dealt. You will need to place an additional bet to qualify for this game. If you have any card that has the same picture or number value you win. If the two pictures are of the same suite you win even more. The winning can be up to thirty six times the value of your original bet.

When playing certain games you could also be eligible for the random jackpot. This could be won by getting dealt a sequence of cards that meets the requirements. You could win thousands of dollars depending on each casinos policy and payouts available.

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